Healing HeART Experience: Companioning Transformation through Conversation and Clay

I believe that grief, sadness, depression, and sorrow can be lessened and transformed through deep heart-to-heart conversation and hands-to-clay work. I would be honored to hold time, space, and place for you as you share your story.

I will companion you as you create art that can hold the complex emotions of your heart, moving you towards joy and into a space where healing and peace may be found.  Classes are offered 1-1 or to groups of up to 3 participants, 4 sessions, 3 hours each.

  • Each session is split between Spiritual Companioning (1 hour) and Hands-on Art (2 hours).
  • Session 1 includes Values Discovery, Intention-Setting, and an introduction to clay work.
  • During session 2, you will hand-build your HeART piece and, at session 3 you will glaze your artwork.
  • At session 4, your finished HeART piece will be presented to you. There will also be a closing ritual and sending prayers to bring our 4-session Healing HeART Experience to an end.

The four-session Healing HeART experience includes Spiritual Conversation, Art Guidance, studio time, all art materials, and firing.  Cost is $200 per person for the 4-session class, or a love offering of your choosing. Classes are offered by scheduling privately.  Click Contact to begin our conversation – I look forward to working with you!